‘RopeWorks’ is a new collection of work by Milla Novo, in collaboration with her creative partner ‘NovoArt’. The idea came about as a way to reduce waste in the art studio and create unique pieces of art.

After completing every wallhanging there is always some unused material. ‘RopeWorks’ makes use of these cut-offs and encourages the creative process to get the best out of what is available. Different colours, thicknesses and textures of ropes are brought together on wooden board creating large abstract artworks.

An additional benefit of having a ‘RopeWorks’’ on your wall is that it helps to improve the acoustics of the room and creates a more pleasant atmosphere.


Moai 1

120 x 240 cm | Available

Moai 2

122 x 242 cm | Available


121 x 183 cm


121 x 183 cm


121 x 183 cm


120 x 180 cm